Let us start with an example to understand the importance of warehousing. A farmer harvests the crop only once per season. On the other hand, the requirement of food grains is daily. People don’t eat once in a while they need food on a daily basis. So, the farmer has to stock up the harvest as and when the demand arises. Hence for this, we need a warehouse as it will help the farmer to store the produce.

Warehousing becomes very important when it comes to business. So what is a warehouse?
A warehouse is a commercial building for storage of goods, safe custody for businesspeople and a logistics service provider. On the other hand, Warehousing is the act of storing goods that will be sold or distributed later. While a small, home-based business might be a warehousing product in a spare room, basement, or garage. Warehousing created time utility.

Warehousing which was once sidelined in the larger scheme of things is now rapidly gaining prominence across the Indian realty sector.

The warehousing industry in India is still at the beginning stage and has huge tracks to cover in terms of equalling the global standard.