Six-figure income with a warehouse only? Yes, it can be done without a store! You don’t need to open a store. The trend is everyone is shopping online, so the stores have to price match items online not because they want to but they have to and what you see is more distribution services, more warehouses. And it won’t be a surprise if warehouse services go up because this is where the money is, you need space to make money not the store.

To own a store, all the hustle like business licence and all will take a lot. In my opinion, about 2022 20% or 35% of the malls you see will not be going to make it. They will shut down because if you look at the trend of online shopping people are shifting. What you need is a website, space and a merchant account to make it to six figures.

A store, in my opinion, is like a child that does not grow up sure you can have employees, sure you can have customers and excellent stuff. And if you have top excellent thing and employees then you need to pay them top for this you need your business to pull some good money.

We have seen many businesses where the owner owns it, and it is an asset for him but still not making good money out of it.
People look at things from one level but if you see this all around you then realise how you can put your resources more efficiently.
Warehouses have always existed but what’s new is the way Indian markets are changing. It has always been noticed that market factors always play a vital role in an economies boom or slowdown.

You can do well with just a warehouse and create passive income.